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There is so much to keep track of, if you have employees.
 We can help you keep track of it all and follow generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) so that you can remain competitive in today's business climate.  Our bookkeeping services allow you the freedom to focus on your business rather than sort through the endless paperwork of invoices and bill payments, filing sales and use taxes or payroll tax reports.  Sure, you can do it, but couldn't you have spent that time earning money instead?  Our Bookkeeping service can help you with the following:
  • Accounts Payable Processing

    • Input billing (data entry) to ensure it is coded to the proper classification​

    • Match bills with purchase orders

    • Process checks for timely payment

    • Periodic review of accounts to ensure you are maximizing profits

    • Expense Tracking

    • Bank and credit card reconciliation

  • Accounts Receivable Processing​

    • Establish Credit policies​

    • Create invoicing to your clients (usually from bid or contract) and mail

    • Set up automatic invoicing (QuickBooks)

    • Apply payments and make deposits

    • Send out collection reminder letters

    • Receivable tracking and reports

  • Set-Up Accounting Program​

    • QuickBooks - User friendly and affordable ​for small businesses

    • Spreadsheets - For those with very few monthly cash transactions and only track for year-end taxes.  Usually these are hobby businesses.

    • Other programs as necessary

  • Payroll​

    • Determine if contractor or employee​

    • Calculate payroll and process

    • Adhere to State and Federal laws regarding banking and reporting

    • Calculate and file State and Federal payroll taxes and complete quarterly and annual reports

    • Create 1099's and W2's and file

  • Training​

    • QuickBooks​

    • Budget

    • Business Plan

    • Excel spreadsheets

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