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trustee services
Numb3rs R Us offers trustee services. 
Trustee Services
As a trustee, some of the duties performed are:
  • Meet with client or grantor when in sound mind and obtain wishes of beneficiary or grantor. To make sure wishes of the beneficiary or grantor are being followed.

  • Confirming key elements upon assuming the role of trustee: Ensure the assets are safe, understand the terms of the trust and who the beneficiaries are, and keep records of past accounts.


  • Investing the trust assets (if applicable) in such a way as to make sure the assets are preserved and productive for current and future beneficiaries.


  • Administering the trust according to its terms, including distributing trust assets to the beneficiaries, according to the trust agreement.


  • Making any decisions that arise according to the provisions of the trust; this may include discretion over when beneficiaries may or may not receive payments.


  • Preparing any records, statements, and tax returns as needed. Make any tax decisions relevant to the trust and keep all records on file.


  • Communicating regularly with beneficiaries, including issuing statements of accounts and tax reports.


  • Answers to any questions the beneficiaries may have with regard to the trust.

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