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Rhonda Sweeney
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About Us

NUMB3RS R US started because I wanted to make bookkeeping services affordable for small business owners and individuals that need help. 

I wanted to make a difference the best I could for the small business owners who are the backbone of our communities.

I received my Associate Degree in Accounting from Chippewa Valley Technical College in 2004 and a Bachelor’s Degree from Lakeland University all the while running a family business with my husband from 1998 until we separated in 2012. I still do his bookkeeping and taxes today!

NUMB3RS R Us offer quality bookkeeping and accounting services at a price every small business can afford. Additionally, we offer some individual services such as a Personal Money Manager or Personal Accountant.


I have a passion for helping people who may have some trouble staying on budget and I love to write budgets and will work with individuals and companies to set up a budget that will get you on track to saving money or making a profit!  

I am a certified QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and can help you set up your QuickBooks account.

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