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money manager
Daily Money Management
money manager
A daily money manager does all the same things an accountant does for businesses, but for individuals.
This could be for a wide range of reasons including mental health, age, or a busy lifestyle.  We provide accountability, help avoid fees, family conflict and fraud.  NUMB3RS R US can handle the following for you with our bookkeeping, financial and accounting services:
  • Process mail and track expenses

  • Process timely expense payment to avoid late fees

  • Set up payment plans and work with creditors to reduce fees

  • Reconcile the check book and credit cards

  • Create and set up a budget that will help you get where you want to go

  • Analysis of spending and asset management.  We do not invest but we can track value of assets for you.

  • Organize and maintain files

  • Trustee and Power of Attorney

  • Monitor accounts for fraud

  • Work with your tax accountant or personal representative

  • And more!

Knopf Daily Money Management article

Each month we provide a statement.  How detailed depends on the agreement.  We can do this from your home or at our office.

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