How will you get to where you want to go without a road map?  
We can help you with your start-up budgeting, short-term and your two-year, five-year, or other long range planning budgets.  Some examples of questions that fall under budgeting when projecting your financials:
  • Help!  The SBA requires a 2-year budget. What are they looking for?  Why do I need to do that?

  • How do I format this?  What is included?

  • Why is budgeting necessary with my financial planning?

  • How do I forecast revenue and expenses?

  • What is a capital budget?

Common categories that need to be addressed when budgeting:
  • Housing - mortgage, rent, property taxes, household repairs 
  • Transportation - vehicle payment, gas, tires, warranty, maintenance, oil changes, parking fees, repairs, registration and DMV fees
  • Food - groceries, restaurants, pet
  • Utilities - electric, water, garbage, phones, cable, internet
  • Clothing - adult clothing, adult shoes, children clothing, children shoes
  • Medical - primary, urgent, dental, specialty, emergency, medication, medical devices
  • Insurance - health, homeowners, rental, home warranty or protection plan, life, auto, disability
  • Household Items/Supplies - daily needs, tools
  • Personal - hygienic, gym memberships, cosmetics, babysitter, memberships, subscriptions
  • Debt - personal, student loans, credit cards
  • Retirement - financial planning, investing
  • Education - your college, children's college, school supplies, books
  • Savings - emergency, big purchases, other savings
  • Gift/Donations - birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, special occasion, charities
  • Entertainment - alcohol or bars, games, movies, concerts, vacations, subscriptions (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu)