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public notary
We offer notary public services free for our clients.
Public Notary Services
We offer notary public services for a  fee to the public. Rhonda will travel to your location for a fee plus mileage.

You will need to know the following to get your document notarized: 
  • Know what type of notarization you need. You will need to identify forms to notary. 

  • Make sure the document is completely filled out except the signature.  

  • Bring acceptable and valid picture ID. Example are State ID, Driver’s License, or passport. 

  • Ensure the name on your ID matches the name on your document. 

  • All signers must be present for the notarization and aware and willing to sign. 

  • Notary Fee. $5 in person plus mileage and $25 remote.

Know What Type of Notarization You Need 


As the signer, you must tell the Notary what type of notarization you need. Notaries can describe what the primary notarial acts are, but they cannot recommend one over another. It's illegal for a Notary Public to give advice like this unless they are also a licensed attorney. 

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