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Rhonda Sweeney - Money Manager
It's all about the numbers!

No matter what the size of your business.


We offer professional support in a variety of financial areas.  Consulting, budgeting, bookkeeping and daily money management.  Whatever you need to run a successful, profitable business and have a balanced home life. 

money manager

These days we've seen on many financial fronts, that the economy and financial climate can change and fluctuate on a daily basis.  Stay tuned to how you handle your financial structure in almost a "must now" days.  

You can count on us with strict confidentiality and we hold the highest ethical standards.  We are truly your "partner" when it comes to meeting your financial needs and goals.  From individuals, trusts to small start-ups, to growing your business, our services will help you meet your expectations through the years.

Contact us and we can discuss your needs, concerns, objectives, and your vision for the future for you and your company.  Your financial success and well-being is our #1 priority.  We will work closely together to achieve those goals.

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