Need help learning QuickBooks?
Have questions on reports and what they mean? Want to do your own data entry but not quite sure if you are doing it right? We can help you troubleshoot your issues.
I will come to your site and help you. We include this service with any monthly bookkeeping and accounting service!
Daily Money Manager
Sometimes referred to as a Personal Accountant
We handle personal financial services such as budgeting and bill payment. This is often used for persons unable to do this on their own, often due to age or lifestyle but can be for a wide range of reasons.
We will help you work out a plan to reach your goals and we will take care of making sure you do not have to pay late fees by paying your bills on time for you. You will get a report monthly what we paid, when and how it fits in your monthly budget plan.
Guest Speaker
I will come to your group and discuss budgeting and the hows and ways. In an easy to understand format.
Bookkeeping or Accounting Service
This includes monthly bill processing, monthly invoicing, creating reports and helping you understand what is behind the numbers, bank and credit card reconciliation, payroll processing, sales or payroll tax filing.
We will also sit down and help you create a budget that will set your company up to make a profit and grow.
Personal Representative
We offer personal representative services for estates or those that need a POA because they are no longer able to take care of finances. Often outside help is needed to avoid conflict within the family, when there is no family left and some is mentally unable to make healthy financial decisions.
Other Services
If you need a service not listed above, give our office a call! We are prepared to help you with your business the best we can. Sometimes, that means we partner with other companies to meet all of your needs by making one stop here.

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